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Dr Paula Baillie-Hamilton

The Chemical Maze

By Bill Statham

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Did you know –

• 1/3 of all personal care products contain one or more
   ingredients classified as possible human carcinogens

• The average adult uses 9 personal care products daily –
   exposing them to 126 chemicals every day.

• 89% of the 10,500 ingredients used in personal care
   products have not been evaluated for safety.

• Over the last 30 years only 9 of the 10,500 ingredients  used
  in personal care products have been banned or restricted.

Is Your Lipstick Giving You Cancer?

Dangerous Beauty by Dr Peter Dingle

This booklet is an eye opening expose of some of the most common
ingredients used in today’s personal care products. It will arm you
with the knowledge to make more informed choices. Available on
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Miessence Products

Using only 100% natural and organic ingredients the unique products on this site are completely free of all impurites and synthetics to support and encourage healthy balanced skin and hair that glows with vitality.

The products do not come in wasteful cardboard and plastic packaging and the bottles/jars/containers are recyclable.

Hair Care

Oral Care

Body Care

Skin Care


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Natural Certified Organic Cosmetics and Organic Skin Care Products

Introducing the Worlds First Organic natural health and beauty products of their type Certified to Food Grade Standards. These safe cosmetics are:

Tested and proven all-natural shelf life

These products are the world's first certified organic skin care and body care range.

Whilst this means they are incomparable in potency and purity, it also means the company are obligated to comply with the continually changing and ever-increasing constraints of international organic certification.

You may find an occasional variation in consistency, aroma and/or colour of these products. This is part of the beauty (and challenge) of working with Mother Nature!

If you find a product is thinner than usual, please just give it a shake. Like good wines, which vary with each harvest, natural and certified organic ingredients are also subject to seasonal influences. However, these products contain up to
30 different BENEFICIAL ingredients unlike wine which has only one!

We assure you the potency and purity of the products remain consistent
Note from Jean

When you first start to use truly natural organic products you may experience some side effects like redness or slight irritation.

I did!

Provided there is no pain associated with it you will be experiencing a de-toxification process. This means your body is ridding itself of the toxic synthetic chemicals that have been building up inside you. It is nothing to worry about and will only be temporary. Once the toxins have been released the redness and irritation will disappear.

You may experience this when using the deodorants. Also you may appear to perspire more or smell a bit more than normal. This is because your body is finally being able to breathe and all those toxins which have been prevented from being released by occlusive anti-deodorants which block up the sweat glands can now escape.

If you find this a problem just use the deodorants more. They are 100% toxic chemical free, all the ingredients are beneficial, smell great and cannot do you any harm.

Some people may find when they first use the hair care products their hair looks a mess.

Mine did!

This is because most products in the market place today contain silicon derivatives. These give a nice glossy sheen but actually coat your hair with plastic.

When you use the natural organic products the plastic breaks down and dissolves but because it doesn't break down evenly the hair can feel knotty and dry initially. It will get better though and it is well worth persevering.

I experienced both of the above reactions but am fine now.
Do your cosmetics (i.e. mineral foundation) or other products contain micronized particles?

Reply from Miessence -  

Many people are concerned about nanotechnology which is the design and use of particles as small as one-billionth of a meter. The particles have completely different properties from larger versions and dozens of cosmetics and a handful of drugs made with nanomaterials already have made it to the market while regulators have done little to track their use or safety.

The average particle size of our iron oxides is 1.3 microns, which is much too large to be considered a nanoparticle. Nanoparticles are less than 100 nanometres.... very very small! Minerals are used to colour all of our cosmetic products.

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