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Miessence® Certified Organic Perfume Range

As much as I love the smell of many of the perfumes endorsed and promoted by well known celebrities, my concern for my health takes precedence.

Did you know most perfumes are made from a mixture of
synthetic chemicals
, most of which have never been tested
for safety
, and around which science has identified some
concerning health issues?

There is an alternative though.

Now, there is an exciting new range of chemical-free organic

botanical perfumes all containing fragrances from plants.

The new Miessence® range of internationally certified organic botanical perfumes had its initial beginnings on the Internet. Intensive research was required to identify and classify all the different olfactory ‘families’

Of these many aromatic groups, ‘floral’ is probably easiest to understand since it contains many fragrances we recognise as coming from flowers.  Similarly ‘gourmand’ with familiar food aromas like chocolate and vanilla, is another classification that’s relatively simple to grasp.

Once the six ‘families’ had been chosen, locating pure organic ingredients presented a huge challenge. The planet was scoured to find all the beautiful organic ingredients needed to meet the stringent requirements of the USDA and the ACO.

Finding natural products was difficult, but finding fully certified organic crops was a whole new ball game.  This was followed by regulatory, certification and production details involving the all-important look, feel and function of the packaging, bottles and labels, but the result is truly amazing.



Six beautiful perfumes in
     six stunning precious
   teardrop shaped bottles.

Grab your hauntingly different, Miessence®
certified organic botanical fragrance
perfume collection - Now!

Why Wear Perfume?

The sensual pleasure of performing the same ancient anointing ritual that has been part of the human experience for thousands of years creates harmony in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.

How To Apply

For a lingering aromatic experience, apply your perfume to the body's pulse points: wrist, neck, cleavage and behind the ears.

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Organic Botanical Perfumes Botanical Organic Perfume Range

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