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Love floral botanical perfume

A delicate bouquet of the most precious flowers of
high perfumery blended with a sweet combination
of powdery musk and vanilla warmth. Seduce the
senses with exquisite memories. Soft, floral and

For when you want to feel

blossoming, romantic, love, sweetness, beauty,
adoration, harmony, heart, charming, enchanting,
flirtatious, passionate, glamorous

Top notes – Indian frangipani and Italian mandarin

Heart notes– Egyptian jasmine, Italian orange blossom, Bulgarian damask rose, Madgascan ylang ylang

Base notes– Vanuatuan vanilla bourbon, Indian Ambrette seed

Size 10ml/0.33fl.oz

Sample - Love - floral botanical perfume

Size 1ml/0.03fl.oz


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