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    The Body


Dr Paula Baillie-Hamilton

The Chemical Maze

By Bill Statham

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What is the cause of obesity?

Why do current estimates suggest that women are gaining weight to the tune of 450g and men 225g each year despite the many diets they undertake?

Could it be true that the chemicals in our food, skin care and detergents make us fat?

Dr Paula Baillie-Hamilton an expert in human metabolism believes so.

The Body Restoration Plan                 The Body Restoration Plan  


In her book she suggests our own natural weight control system is being poisoned by the toxic chemicals we encounter in our everyday lives. This damage makes it increasingly difficult for our bodies to control their own weight, thus we get fatter even if we eat less food.

Her detox diet approach advises how to avoid the most “fattening” chemicals, or “chemical calories” found in our food and around our homes. It explains how we can shed our body’s load of chemical calories safely, and rebuild our natural slimming system.

Synthetic chemicals damage our health in two ways. First, by acute “poisoning” through exposure to large quantities accounting for a staggering 220,000 fatalities worldwide every year.

The second, more subtle way is by long-term exposure to much lower levels which is what Dr Baillie-Hamilton believes is the root cause of weight gain.

Dr Baille-Hamilton believes the current fat epidemic is linked to the toxic synthetic chemicals used in agriculture, skin care, cosmetics and household products.

Toxic synthetic chemicals are highly fat-soluble and when exposed to them the body creates fat to safely store the toxins it cannot process and eliminate.

She suggests people are not overweight simply through their own lack of effort, such as exercise but that the finger of blame must also be pointed at toxic chemicals. Her step-by-step programme helps eliminate Chemical Calories and repair the body's natural slimming system.

It is well known toxic chemicals, even in very small amounts, directly damage muscles and disrupt the hormones that control their growth. A valuable group of slimming hormones known as Catecholamines also appear to come under frequent attack by these chemicals, interfering with the metabolic process and inhibiting our body’s own natural slimming system.

Her research suggests the highest levels of “slimming nutrients” are found in organically grown produce and Dr Baillie-Hamilton recommends combining effective detoxification with the replacement of food, skin care, cosmetics and household products containing toxic synthetic chemicals with organic products.