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Organic Unscented Massage Oil

Massage offers so many benefits.

It relaxes muscles, eases tension and stress, calms the mind, improves circulation, increases lymphatic drainage, stimulates internal organs, reduces swelling, lowers blood pressure, promotes better sleep and enhances overall well-being.

There's nothing like a rush of oxytocin and endorphins to relieve physical pain and mental and emotional tension.

Massage nurtures us on all levels, BUT...

...not all massage oils are created equally, and if it isn't certified organic, unrefined and cold-pressed, it isn't the best.


Because your skin, the body's largest organ absorbs what you put on it, and  when you have a massage you get deeper penetration.

If you use massage oils containing harsh, toxic chemicals, including artificial fragrances, you'll get in the way of pure, deep healing and relaxation.

Whether giving or receiving, massage isn't just a luxury.  It should be a healthful, drug-free, all over body tonic, and you can make it so using miessence certified organic Unscented Massage Oil

Cold-processed and hand-blended with exquisite botanical oils, it provides a nice slip for a relaxation massage and enough drag for deep tissue work.


It’s naturally formulated without fragrances, preservatives and yucky etrochemicals, and  will leave your skin beautifully moisturised, not greasy.

Personalise your massage by adding Miessence organic essential oils (~24 drops per 30ml for 2% concentration) or for sensitive individuals or babies,  leave as is.

The sensory possibilities are almost endless.

               Get Your Certified Organic Miessence Essential Oils Here

Unrefined, high linoleic acid sunflower oil ensures

superior skin compatibility and increases moisture


Unrefined avocado oil contains vitamins A, B1, B2,

Pantothenic acid, vitamin E and lecithin, all

excellent for dry nd wrinkled skin that needs regeneration.

Organic jojoba oil is a highly penetrating liquid wax that is

similar in composition to the skin's natural sebum.

Organic rosemary CO2 extract fights against free radical



Certified Organic

Unscented Massage Oil

Feed the skin and feed the spirit!