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Dr Paula Baillie-Hamilton

The Chemical Maze

By Bill Statham

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Hip Replacement Surgery
Dr.Thomas Gross of the national center for hip resurfacing specializes in Hip Resurfacing, Total Hip Replacement and Knee Replacement.

Online Health Community California
Melslife is a fast growing online community, based on health related topics offer the most comprehensive California health insurance solutions,health coverage plans fast and easy.

Pregnancy diet
Pregnancy Diets, Pregnancy weight gain, Pregnancy weight loss, Know more about nutrition for healthy pregnancy

Baby Acne
Baby acne is also one of the common skin problems which affect about 20 % of the infants at the time of delivery mostly on the forehead, cheeks and chin.

Online ACLS Training CenterEverything you need to pass ACLS, BLS or PALS recertification

Medical Transcription Services - Transcription Company
Medical Transcription Company provides Medical Transcription services to clinics and hospitals across the US and Canada

Chronic Bad Breath (Halitosis) Causes, Cures & Treatments
Eliminate bad breath quickly and permanently. Dr. Tony Dailley, expert in bad breath (Halitosis) treatment, shares the simple and inexpensive way to treat bad breath.

Value Saunas and steam showers.
Large selection of infrared saunas, conventional saunas and high quality steam showers

Pain Relief: Lower Back, Foot, Knee, Neck, & Heel Pain
Foot pain, joint and muscle pain can be traced to over-pronation and supination. Learn how to relieve body pain with Posture Control Insoles instead of big bulky arch supports.

Best Solution For Acne help you to combat with acne! An educational guide to help you know about acne, its causes and various home remedies to deal with it.

Humet-R - The safe and easy way to remove toxic heavy metals.

Tension, Sinus & Cluster Headaches and Migraine
Information on headache, containing useful knowledge on different Headaches their cures and symptoms.

Disability Lawyer
An educational site providing great information for patients suffering from various types of disabilities

Argentina Medical
Argentina Medical provides information and resources to plastic surgery patients coming to Argentina to undergo their desired medical procedure or treatment

High blood pressure treatment
New high blood pressure treatment using EECP proves highly effective in lowering abnormally high systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings. Available now in Los Angeles, CA.

Vishwa Medical Transcription Services Medical and other transcription services.

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