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Perception v Reality

Recently I received an e-mail from a friend telling me a story about something he had witnessed when he was a passenger in a car.

In it he revealed they'd both seen a police officer looking through a lady's trunk by the side of the road. The woman had looked really worried and my friend blurted out that the cop was searching the woman's car so she must have done something wrong.

The driver of the car looked at him puzzled and shook her head.

Her version was the cop was helping the woman find her jack because she had a flat tyre and needed help.

See the difference?

Both had a different perception of the same incident and if they had not been together the "reality" when they relayed that story would have been so very different.

Such is the perception between Glass and Plastic. Glass is much more environmentally friendly - Right?


Here, Narelle Chenery, the brilliant developer of all the products on this site explains why she has sourced new packaging for her range and why they will soon be in new, leaner, cleaner, greener packaging.

Her article will explain once more why perception and reality are often different.

 My Journey Of Discovery by Narelle Chenery (April 2008)

Like most of us, I have always assumed that glass was the better environmental choice for our product packaging. I assumed glass required less energy to manufacture and was less polluting than plastic, and that all plastics were toxic and leaching.

We had challenges with both our glass and plastic packaging; I
really needed to find a solution.

The pitfalls associated with our current glass packaging:

                                                    Looks Good

                                          Mission accomplished!

Glass Vs Plastic