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The National Academy of Sciences found that when fluoride is consumed in high doses --such as through food and water--it can interfere with brain functioning, cause bone fractures, dental fluorosis (weakening of the teeth), thyroid and pineal gland disorders, and worsen diabetes.

Fluoride's connection to cancer, IQ deficits, dementia, immune system disorders, and other serious health risks are still being researched.

 The Environmental Working Group is a non-profit, non-partisan research organization dedicated to using the power of information to protect human health and the environment. Ken Cook, the President has this message:

Tell EPA to Reject Dangerous Fluoride-Based Pesticides

 Most of us grew up believing that fluoride is good for us, and indeed, fluoridated toothpaste does seem to promote healthy teeth. But new scientific research shows that overexposure to fluoride carries serious health risks, especially for babies and children.

The prestigious National Academy of Sciences recently concluded that the current allowable levels of fluoride in tap water are unsafe and should be lowered.

However, Dow Chemical Co. is pushing for a new EPA regulation that would allow the use of high levels of a chemical called sulfuryl fluoride as a food pesticide. We don't need more fluoride in our food--there is already too much in our water.

EWG filed a motion with the EPA to suspend all food fumigation with sulfuryl fluoride. In response, the EPA has opened up the issue to comments from consumers and ordinary citizens by email--we need to take advantage of this opportunity to level the playing field. You can be sure that Dow will have its lawyers and lobbyists working overtime to get this request granted.