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Essential Oils have many therapeutic uses, and each individual oil can be effective in providing organic answers for a wide range of health complaints.

With just five essential oils you can build a basic "natural medicine chest" that will handle any basic home health or first aid situation - from burns to bronchitis, coughs to candida, hangovers to muscle strain.

 Certified Organic Massage Oil

Here's your basic first aid kit.

Tea Tree

Called a ‘medicine cabinet in a bottle’, tea tree is effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses and stimulates the immune system. Studies show that the presence of blood and pus from infection only increase tea tree’s antiseptic powers.

Antiinflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal; destroys parasitic infections, encourages the healing of wounds, clears lung and sinus congestion, stimulates immune system.

More powerful than carbolic acid – yet totally safe.

Uses: use in compresses, massage oil, and washes to fight all sorts of infections, including herpes, shingles, chicken pox, candida, thrush, flu, cold, and those of the urinary tract.

Cuts and scrapes:

2 drops lavender

2 drops tea tree oil

100 ml. of warm water (about 20 teaspoons)

Wet a cloth, wring and bathe the affected area

several times a day.


Antibacterial, antiviral, clears mucous from the lungs; as a liniment, relieves rheumatic, arthritic, and other types of pain.

Eucalyptus oil is another plant essence that has proved its worth in scientific laboratories.

Uses: for coughs and colds, respiratory problems, in sickrooms and to repel insect pests.

It also removes hard to shift labels (and chewing gum) from just about anything.

Chest congestion:

8 drops eucalyptus

4 drops oregano

4 drops lavender

4 drops tea tree

Use as a massage for upper chest and back. You can also place a couple of drops of this blend onto a tissue and inhale. Do this a couple of times each hour but don’t overdo it.


Antibiotic and antiseptic, lavender is the most widely-used essential oil in the world due to its extreme versatility and haunting fragrance.

Uses: Irritations and burns, headaches, fainting, insect bites, and as a sedative.

To treat minor household burns:

It’s recommended you run cold water over the site of a burn for at least 10 minutes.

5 drops lavender

1 drop peppermint

Soak clean gauze or similar in this mixture, wrap the burn, cover it with cling wrap and chill the site with an icepack. Repeat the application every 2 hours for 24 hours (12 times) without removing the gauze.



Anti-inflammatory; relieves pain, muscle spasms, and cramping; relaxes the nerves; kills viral infections; decreases gas and indigestion; clears lung congestion; reduces fever.

Uses: flatulence, indigestion, tummy upset, nausea, colic, headache and fatigue. It even keeps mice and fleas away!

Tummy pain and flatulence:

2 drops peppermint

2 drops lavender

in 5ml oil and massage in clockwise motion over abdomen


A super-potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Uses: use for fighting yeast, fungus (skin and blood-born), knocking out allergies, hay fever, and sinusitis, stopping infections (cold and flu) and inflammation.

Back pain and inflammation:

10 drops lavender

6 drops oregano

6 drops peppermint

3 drops eucalyptus

Blend into 30ml (1 fl.oz) of carrier oil and use to massage the painful area.

Certified Organic Essential Oils

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