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Beauty and Skin Care

Our body is protected from an outer layer known as skin, and at home, work or on the street, it is exposed to several damaging effects.

Whilst our body and soul can bear an awful lot there is a limit. It needs to be protected as our health, general feeling and immune system is much stronger when negative effects are avoided.

Our skin and body follow a natural aging path and wrinkles happen. It can be argued they add character and depth to the face but also during the years we can experience some other changes.

These are all part of nature but keeping our skin clean and preserving our inner glow and beauty is totally up to us.

Unclean skin favours the development of pathogenic organisms. If you combine sweat and dust the skin's surface can form a filthy layer. If not washed away, the slurry of sweat and sebaceous secretions mixed with dirt and dead skin decomposes. Bacterial flora helps produce a foul smell and the natural functions of the skin are disturbed.

However, daily and systematic cleaning can help get rid of harming agents. There are also several other things you can do to promote a healthy skin:-

- Avoid stress as much as possible.
- Stay out of the sun or protect your skin with UV blockers, using sunscreen and avoid
   direct sunlight between the hours of 10 and 2.
- Don't smoke, it has nasty effect on your skin
- Drink lots of water to eliminate unnecessary toxins.
- Get plenty of sleep and clean your skin properly before going to bed.
- Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, those rich in retinol are good for your sight.
- Keep your makeup clean and replace the sponges in your compact on a regular basis.

Natural beauty and skin care have always been closely connected, and its roots go as far back as the 4th millennium BC in Egypt and the Middle East.

It is said the Egyptians developed many natural skin care treatments for a variety of skin conditions and healthy looking beautiful skin.

It is right that you care about your skin and look after it.

However, beauty is only skin deep. Don’t get obsessed with appearances, but rather enjoy your inner glow and beauty.

Perfection and perfect beauty are elusive concepts, but if you can feel good about yourself by enhancing your looks, you may find more joy in your life as what you feel inside will be reflected for the rest of the world to see.